Wonderful Things I Scarcely Understand:

Twenty Years of Robert Wright Award Winners

Edited by Roger Sheffer
Introduction by Ron Gower
Copyright © 2003

This book celebrates twenty years of writing by students at Minnesota State University, Mankato, all of them first-place winners in the annual Robert Wright Award competition. Many of these poets and prose writers have gone on to gain national recognition for their work. All of them demonstrate the high level of craft and dedication that the award was intended to foster.


"Among an amazing range of other interests and activities, [Bob Wright's] greatest loves were Minnesota literature and student writing. He was among the first to offer creative writing courses at MSU, at a time when this was not quite 'respectable,' and certainly not an established part of the curriculum. What he asked of his students was what he required of his own writing: a kind of E.B. White clarity and directness, and a deceptive simplicity. In one of his early 'Letters to John and Charlie,' he remarked, 'I have said wonderful things I scarcely understand,' characterizing both his succinct style and absolute modesty."

—from Ron Gower's introduction

To see the complete list of Robert Wright Award winners, go here.

To see this year's set of guidelines (for MSU students only), go here.

To read this year's award citation, go here.

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